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I want Freeview in my bedroom

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Caprylate, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Caprylate

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    Aug 1, 2005
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    As the title says, I want Freeview in my bedroom, at the moment the bedroom TV cannot display a television signal as nothing is connected to show TV as it was/still will be used primarily as a gaming TV. I want Freeview in the bedroom for a 2 main reasons, 1. When a program I want to watch clashes with a program someone else wants to watch, whichever one of us, that has the program that broadcasts on Free-to-view channel can watch it when its on. And 2. I'd like to have a HDTV that has built in Freeview and would like to have maximum use out of the TV and of course making maximum use out of it would require all of its features being used.

    I have NTL in the living room and they have changed the communal aerial lead into a strange NTL only cable (originally when I moved into my house, it had a RF(?) cable which I was able to plug into the back of my TV to get basic TV, it could also plug into my Freeview box), is it possible for me to get that cable leading into the living room to be split into another cable going into my bedroom, supporting Freeview?

    What cables/other equipment would I need to get an aerial cable that supports Freeview? Do I need a professional to do it? Or can I do it myself? Where can I buy the equipment needed to do it?

    P.S Re-reading my post, it seems a bit confusing to read, but hopefully you lot will know what I'm babbling on about and be able to help me out. And I wasn't sure to put this in the cable section of the forum or the Freeview part.



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