I want a wireless internet and 360 connection what do I need?

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Sep 27, 2002
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At the moment I have a few ethernet calbes along one side of room to the other from my router to my NTL modem.
I want to make it wireless so I no longer have cables along the floor and would like to know what I need.
I have a D-Link 2.4GHZ wireless router what sort of network card would I need bearing in mind I also want the 360 to be wireless free conection.
You'd need a PCI Wifi card for your computer (802.11g preferably same make as the router to avoid conflicts), and the rather expensive wireless kit for Xbox360, which will cost somewhere in the region of £70 I believe.
A little more technical info for you:

You need this Ethernet Bridge Click me! for the xbox. There are slower models which come down by about 20USD (10GBP) however, this should be compatible enough to last you through your next Wifi router upgrade.

and for your PC you will need this!. Again, slightly cheaper models are available but they will not last you through a WiFi router upgrade.

These are from the D-Link shop itself, try somewhere like Ebuyer, Dabs or Scan and they should be a bit cheaper still. Remember, the prices you just looked at are USD!

Best of luck!

P.s These support 2.4Ghz
Why do I need an ethernet bridge for the 360?
As its only got a hardwired ethernet port supplied.

I believe MS will be releasing there own bridge but its gonna be relativley expensive compared to third party models. The only advantage the MS one will have will be that its colour coded correctly at a guess! :D
crazzy kopite said:
Why do I need an ethernet bridge for the 360?

In fact, look at this 25 golden nugget more expensive bridge you might want to invest in (stumbled across it looking for a hidef pack for normal xbox). And its speed is rudely slow as well!

I know I wouldn't!
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