I want a weapon


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Got this game on Tues and I've put in just under 3 hours on it (about 6%). How long is it before I get some weapons. Sick of having to smack people about with me fists....I wanna get into some proper action !


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There's a baseball bat over the road from your first safehouse.

Failing that (or googling for various maps that tell you where weapons are) think literal: Get a car, find the nearest cop, run him over until he dies and drops his gun, then go and pick it up!


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A pistol is in the go-kart track near your house.

A shotgun inside the police car down the road.


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start a fight with a gang member when the police are nearby then run away, police and gang members will have a huge fire fight and you are free to pick up all the goodies left behind.

There's also a shotgun in the room labelled staff only at the lap dancing club


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There's a pistol on the bridge, but the chopper soon arrives as I don't think you're allowed up there at the beginning of the game.

Also petrol bombs in the shelter on the prom, near the bowling alley entrance.

EDIT: Ah, I just googled what a molotov was. What he said.

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Steal any unnattended Police cars you see. Gives you a shotgun (better than woossy hand guns :devil:) or ammo if you already have the gun itself.

RDB :)


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Have a look at the Interactive Liberty City Map and use the toggles on the right to see where all the weapons are.

I did this when I was only about 10% into the game and just from a bit of walking/driving around I got a knife, baseball bat, pistol, shotgun and Molotovs :D


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I was similarly depressed with having to use fists for fighting until I ran out of the safehouse, across the road, past the hot dog seller to the other side of the vacant plot/alley. I found a baseball bat next to a homeless guy, which I gave a thrassing to with the bat.

Always have the Ramones song in my head when I use the bat, "Beat on the brat with a baseball bat".

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