I want a silent computer, not one word from it

My search is on for a new case for my 3 year old 'time' computer. (Don't ask....Along story!!!) I have a mini tower case and its falling apart. My main bug is that it makes more noise than my 360. Is it possible for a silent pc ? I mean a total silent machine. ? :confused:

I have replaced most of the fans on the pc already the only thing I have not touched is the psu or the heatsink for my AMD 2700+ chip.

Cases are really not my thing and was just wanting to get some help and see if my dream was real. I don't want to buy another case and find it don't fit.

A few years ago I was all cluded up on this, now I am just ahhhhh what does that mean!

My goal is not to replace the board or processor as I am ok with what I have. I want a new case and I don't want to hear my pc.

Has anyone done this ? Any pointers ? Need more info ?



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no there is no such thing as a totally quiet pc

trust me i've tried

water cooling will sort out your cpu

Passive cooling will sort out your graphics cards (but your limited)

Yesico fanless power supply will give you the power you need

Your left with Nosiy hard drives and cheap and nasty dvd rom or DVD RW units

But you will be quieter than your time/Tiny pc :D

Making the pc quiet costs money lots but with the right choices it can be bearable


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Acoustic foam padding on the metalwork of the case also helps a lot :smashin:


where the sides of your pc connect together, put some rubber washers or the like in the screws. that helped with a few rattles on my pc!


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Seriously some of these so called quality cases make me laugh :rotfl:

have a look around choose your new case on looks first and then check the quality of metal thickness and workmanship

Aopen are some of the best made available but their choice is limited

cheiftec and Antec cases are very good

PSu units do emit a lot of noise thats why i went the Yesico fanless but its approx £145

BUT there are no fans so great

The problem is then the heat in the case increases and so your cpu fan speeds up

you cannot really win unless you watercool you cpu


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i must either bee tone deaf or happy with my computer :thumbsup:

this is my 5th build now and my last 4 have been very quiet,ive always chosen antec cases because they are cheap and very quiet

my current spec

antec nsk 4400 with corsair 520w psu
conroe e6300 overclocked to 3ghrz
2 gig of balliistix pc 5300
2 hardrives 1 maxtor 320 gig and 1 seagate 500
pioneer 112 burner
nvidia 6200 soon to be replaced with a 7600gs purchased off the forums
artic freezer pro

i would say my machine is ultra quiet , it is left on 24/7 for weeks on end and resides in my lounge, nobody can hear it running or knows when it is on, dvd drive spinning up is probably the noisest thing

ive had matx set ups and full case set ups and one thing i dont like is noise, everything i have built has been soo quiet


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thats the problem with noise

how many people have purchased quiet fans and thought bloody hell there are quiet

Now read the specs and you will find that they are rated as 26db

BUT people believe that the most expensive fans are only 9db pure rubbish

Some people can hear the hard drive in their pc's some cannnot hear their wife nagging "when are you going to get off that bloody PC" :D


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i think the main thing is to cut the amount of fans your are running , in my last 4 builds all i have running is 1 big 120mm case fan, quiet cpu fan and gfxs always passive, never had any overheating problems and cpu always seemed to run at 35-40 temps


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I wanted a silent computer not too long ago, gave up after I realised it wasn't really possible.

I'm still into silencing but obviously not trying to build a silent computer! One of the things that's helped me is repairing noisy computers. I realise how quiet my computer is :)

On to silencing, tons of information at www.silentpcreview.com (and their forums). A few tips

1. Find out the noise source. If you think it's the psu fan then put a pencil in there to stop it starting and then switch on the PC (only stop the fan for a few seconds). Do this with other fans.
2. Noisy hard disks can be a major pain - especially the whine. Vibrations that are transferred to the case can be cut out by suspending hard disks.
3. Rubber fan mounts can be used to cut out vibration transferred to the case from fans. I use UHU White Tack (it's softer than Blu Tack) - only a £1 from Poundland.

What is the full spec of your PC including all fans?
What case do you have?

Do you have a budget for silencing?


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Take a look at these Zalman cases, but they will cost you!


Good luck

I persuaded my uncle who needed a silent pc to buy a Zalman case and silent components which i then assembled and installed XP onto. If you want a silent PC then its the only solution.

If you want a PC thats quite then its very simple, use no fans :eek:. Thats right dont have any fans in your pc at all, i have done this for my current pc (typing on now) and can say its the simplest thing to do. I have a Antec case with case fans removed, a motherboard without a chipset fan, a amd 4000 cpu with a fanless hs, a fanless 6600gt graphics card, a fanless power supply (very important) and the quietest dvd drive available (at time of purchase anyway). The hd was the only part that worried me so i got a hd silencer box and a quiet hd as well.

I suggest this to anyone even if you just buy a fanless power supply and fanless heat sink and use onboard graphics then you can't go wrong.

I would go to http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products to look into what components to buy and maybe research via google for more choices.


Paul Shirley

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Don't underestimate the effect of getting furniture between you and the PC. Silencing PCs is a rich mans hobby, putting them where you can't hear the noise can be astonishingly effective and longer cables are cheap.

My wifes PC isn't the quietest in the house but it is the only one we can't hear. It sits under the dining room table, the wood, carpet and table cloth absorb enough sound energy to effectively silence it, unless you climb under the table!


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It's slightly off-topic, but the quietest production PC I've come across is a Dell Optiplex GX270 - you don't know it's on!


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Not completly quiet but getting there, arctic cooling cases are very good because they have a specialized psu, and reallly quiet fans. check this out and cheap I had one and it was very quiet, only thing I could here was the hardrive and you can quiet that down with software, if you dont mind a little transfer speed loss minimal.



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Go to HUSH site.if you buy one with a laptop hard drive it will be silent.Less expensive the VIA board models are silent if you buy a silent hard drive .Yes i kown they are not cheap but they are a very good firm ie.they reply to emails in english by return.I kown as we have three of their computers.hope this helps .Their site is at hushtechnologies.net
It looks a bit overkill for what I want, I just want to replace the case not fly to the moon.:eek:

I looks like my psu is my main noise. So I might just replace that shortly. Is there no cheap options? £50 max ?

Paul Shirley

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I looks like my psu is my main noise. So I might just replace that shortly. Is there no cheap options? £50 max ?

Quiet is possible, you'll struggle to manage silent for £50. If it has a fan (anything <£100 will) you'll hear it some of the time and it will get noisier, unless you regularly clean the fan blades. The soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner is good for the job. Regular cleaning will help a lot suppressing noise.


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Do you know of any PSU's that can be added to a water cooled system?


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Don't water cooled PC systems still depend on a whiney pump to move the water? (perhaps the solution is to have 3/4" copper piping gravity fed system into your loft & back?! :D )

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