I want a Pioneer 433, but which one???


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Okay peeps, I think that the wife has almost come around to the idea of getting the Pioneer. We saw it hooked up propoerly today in Currys for the first time today, I looks awesome! :devil:

I have seen some pretty good prices for the 433, but there seems to be several variations. :confused:

Can someone please explain, simply, what are the differences between the 433- HDE, MXE, PE. And then which model would you recomend?




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I bought the MXE version, so I can only honestly recommend that model I suppose.
With its 5002 video card installed it will cope with VGA RGB(Analogue),DVI,Component or RGB(BNC),S-Video,Composite.
You will probaby need to buy an RGB to VGA Converter but apart from that as you can see it is faily comprehensive on inputs.
If you use Sky or Digital Terrestrial the MXE is the way to go(much cheaper also). I Think the HD model has an Analogue Terrrestrial Tuner in a separate box with SCARTS etc. making it a more consumer friendly.
Its almost a no brainer really the MXE also copes with a DVD's Progressive output,denied to its HD partner.
Hope this helps.


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433-HDE is a consumer model - i.e. a TV with lots of standard connections (e.g. scarts) in the TV tuner box and comes in silver frame only. Upgradability is limited however, and the picture degraded somewhat, by having to pump all signals through the tuner box. A nice solution if you want a simple TV replacement. Seems to retail around £5000.

433-MXE is a commercial model - i.e. effectively a computer monitor, with no SCARTs but still great connectivity with the PDA-5002 video card, and upgradability via this card-slot. There is no "extra box" - the connections all go straight to the back of the panel. Picture quality is better than the HDE, but the frame is only available in charcoal grey. Seems to retail around £3800.

433-PE - a typo for the HDE I would have thought (or maybe its my one :D)

I agree with Phil43 - for absolute picture quality and best price go for the MXE, but you will need to spend a little of your savings on the SCART -> VGA or Component conversion trickery.

Also do a search for MXE and HDE, or look at some of the posts by Joe Fernand, a dealer at The Media Factory where I bought my MXE. Alternately give him a call - he's well known around here and very helpful.



How exactly does the actual display unit in the 433 model differ between the MXE and HDE?
As far as I was aware they're the same panel, with the MXE having the 5002 connection board and the HDE having a board that connects to the media receiver?
Pioneer seem to think :confused: that the HDE can display a 480p signal through the component inputs on the media reciever.

Joe Fernand

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IanW - I think the boys have pretty much covered the main points already as far as choice between the HDE PlasmaTV and the MXE Plasma Display.

It really depends on the rest of the system that you plan to build around the Plasma screen and your preference for a more TV like operation. If you plan to spend a bit of cash on a high quality DVD player with Progressive scan video out and take a bit of time in working out a connectivity plan to get the best out of your Digibox then the MXE is going to give you the best results.

If however you dont want to go too overboard on a high cost DVD player (£600+) and want simplicity and a few more features then the HDE is your best bet.

EvilMudge - all the info I have says the HDE and MXE models do use the same glass panel but look at the specs sheets for some idea of the additional 'potential' that the PDA-5002 video board on the MXE has over the R03 Media Box that is part of the HDE system.

The HDE does not have a 'board' as such. It has a two part connector on the display chassis and a proprietary two part cable is supplied as part of the 'system' to connect the Media Box to the display.

The R03 Media Box is NTSC Progressive Scan compatible but not PAL Progressive scan compatible.

Unfortunately you cannot really bypass the Media Box on the HDE model so if you are looking for PAL Progressive scan go with the MXE model - also the MXE is significantly cheaper though it looks like the HDE's are coming down in price so that may please IanW if he chooses to go down the HDE route!

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Thanks for the excellent response guys.

I think that the MXE sounds like the one. Here is my gear, how will it all connect to the MXE?

Denon DVD-A1 (Component NTSC/PAL Prog, Multi Region),
Denon KAVC-A1SE (Outputing S-Video for: LaserDisc, XBOX, PS2, DC)
Digibox (RGB)
VCR (Composite)
Gamecube (RGB)



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