I want a Panny 6 but need your advice please!


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Hi all,

Im posting on behalf of my Brother in Law who wants to get a Panny 6 but we're both not sure what should and shouldnt be included in the price.

I've given hime the link towards the nexnix site. But the bit that confused us was about the scart board - do we need one to link the sources below?

He currently has Sky +, Phillips dvd player and a Tosh VCR ( i think)

We want to mount it on the wall so how much should we be looking at for a wall bracket?

Any other tips/advice on buying this plasma?

Any help would be greatly appreciated




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I've just ordered the panny so will try and help....

SKY + I believe huge improvements are to be had by purchasing a RGB2VGA converter then connecting it through the VGA port.
(have a look at the threads posted about panny connectivity)

DVD Player - Depends if it has component out, If it doesn't then I would recommend purchasing a DVD with component out.
(You will need the component board for this option or yet again you can use the vga port)

If you want to connect the DVD Player,VCR & SKY+ via scart then you can purchase a scart switch box, and connect all devices through that.

As for the wall bracket look at the power buy section. You can buy a universal flat wall bracket for around £130.

hope this helps


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Thanks for the response - i really appreciate that. The dvd player doesnt have a component out - just a bog standard scart ( & maybe s-vid but not sure?)

Does that mean i'll def need this scart board/box thing that has to be purchased seperately?

Many thanks,


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