I want a Panasonic DMR-E30


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Apr 22, 2002
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Anyone like to guess who's likely to get them first and therefore who should I place a pre-order with. Nearly bought the Philips 880 yesterday (can get it for £378) but think it will be worth waiting for the E30.

Any thoughts?
Speaking as a very biased E20 owner I think you have made a wise choice to wait for the E30 and not be tempted by the lowest price format going. I don't know who will be first but I read somewhere that the site below expects them in September and are taking pre-orders. Good luck. Malcom.

Can I ask a dumb question about this recorder please ?
Is it multi-region ? If not can it be made so ?
Another thing - it's on the avland website for £499-95 but other sites at £948-75, what's the proper price ?
Don't think the higher price will be the same model. I have only seen prices ranging from about £465 to £500. Certainly noting above £500. Where have you seen it for this £984 and are you sure that is for the DMR-E30.

Multi-region - almost certainly yes. Guess we'll have to wait till its actually available to see for sure though but don't think there is any main stream DVD player / recorder out there that cannot/has not been hacked for MR.

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