I want a nice sub for around 1000

Bass line that is :smashin:

I've got my perfect from speakers (B&W 805s) perfect amp (Musical Fidelity A5) and to keep me happy for a little (lot) longer until I get a bigger room and some 802D's I'm after a sub. I've been really looking into getting a B&W ASW 825 to go with the 805s but whats around for £1000 or under that will go nice and low and be punchy at the same price. I don't want anything thats going to take up half my room either.

Many thanks

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Hmm yes the 825 is a great subwoofer, however for something at this price point then something like an SVS pb12/2 which would absolutely kill it, if it was properly EQ'd. Oh yes thats another thing! If you want nice tight punchy bass then you are going to need to EQ it most undoubtly, i.e using test tones an spl meter to find your booms and slumps then EQing them out to get your most even response. This will stop any "bloated" bass notes and keep the bass nice and tight!

But I will let someone who knows more onto EQ talk about this.

However subwoofer wise, deintely look into SVS! They are big though. Hmm B&W do gorgeouss sounding subwoofers though!
they do look pretty smart not as nice as a 825 and they have discontinued the cherry coloured ones for some reason :confused: but do look excellent for the money :thumbsup:


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I don't want anything thats going to take up half my room either.

I think this will rule out a lot of subs at your budget I am afraid. :D
Most especially DDs recomendation...

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Velodyne DD-12. Small, deep and superb EQ in one box. It will certainly offer extension aplenty for the standmount 805s. Will require monetary budget extension. The inbuilt EQ will offer a really serious way of dovetailing the sub with you main speakers, in a way that no other sub can offer.

For less money and less compression at LF, the the SVS SB-12 has got to be worth a look. Limited, but worthy, room compensation and single band EQ don't hurt it's appeal. Neither does the 45 day money back guarantee.



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Can't say that I am a sub aficionado but I had a dem of some Meridian gear in Sevenoaks a few weeks back ( not that I can afford it, just love to hear it ) and they had it hooked up to a Sunfire sub and wowww.
It was phenomenal so tight from such a small unit and as loud as you like without distortion. Not sure of the model but they do start around a grand I believe.
Has to be worth a listen IMHO.


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I'm going to be selling my rel stadium 3 soon, if your interested, it is in absolute perfect condition, in a cherry finish that matches your b&w's perfectly, sounds sublime will real depth and musicality, and will be priced at within your budget.

What Hi Fi rate the Velodyne subs quite highly and seem to pull down the svs subs a bit but then I don't take every review as gospel from them.

I could get a b&w asw 750 ex dem from 7oaks in cherry for £789 which is tempting me but over 200 miles away from where I live :(

Would be interested in the REL flamingoboo when you put it up for sale if you let me know.


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I'm using the Velodyne SPL-800R in a 27 m2 room. When necessary, it plays loud, very loud without distortion. Regarding your budget, a SPL-1000R is possible: nice, tiny and extremely powerful with a small remotecontrol.

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I'm using the Velodyne SPL-800R in a 27 m2 room. When necessary, it plays loud, very loud without distortion.
I'm afraid the figures don't back up that claim. 10% distortion at only 35Hz and 85dB isn't very loud, or low distortion, I'm afraid.


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got a pb12+ up for sale if your interested ??


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piano black and cherry works very well together....

however if you have a grand you should be able to pick up a cherry PB12+ (um..if they do cherry..heh) brand new if you had to have matching.....ok its not small, but its pretty nice...heh

although if you are talking for music here not movies, perhaps consider a second hand REL, either the Stadium mentioned or perhaps a Stentor 2....

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Would any of the bk range be fast and musical?

I've spoken to a guy who upgraded from veldyne to atc and said it was far more accurate - his best system tweek yet.

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