i-Tunes: how to keep all data when moving to a new PC



I've got i-Tunes installed on my work laptop with about 30G of music and have been using it for ages so have spent ages rating and creating new genres and play lists etc.

I want/need to remove it from my work laptop and move it to my new home PC (Elonex Artisan) but don't want to loose any of the data (playlists, play counts, custom genre names, ratings and album artwork etc.)

Is all this data just embedded in the mp3/m4a files or is it all stored in a load of files within i-Tunes that I need to find and move over to the new install of i-Tunes? (I've had a look but can't find any files that look like they contain this stuff)

Hope someone has done this before!

It should be all embedded inside the music files id3 tag which itunes will just read when you put the music back on. A week ago I had to clear my stystem totally due to some damn virus, I backed up all my music on my external drive. After putting Windows back on I downloaded itunes 5.1 then put my tunes back on, all track names, album info, album artwork and song lyrics were present and correct. All I had to do was set up my podcasts again.

I'm not sure how it would react to playlists and the other stuff though, I would say that you would lose stuff like song count unless you can find some way of keeping it.

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