I touched an 895 today


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Popped into the NEC today to see the "SMART HOME SHOW" (Courtesy of vex) and had a play with the new 895 its a silver finish (i prefer the black 885) and IR box is nice a sleek gloss black ideal for Pio plasma owners....... everything is the same as the 885 except for IR box with 4 outlets (extra boxes are £69) and for a £300 SRP with extender its good value if your kit is in a cupboard, a keene IR extender and 885 is cheaper but this is a neater solution. The IR base is mains powered so another plug you need to find but no AA batteries anywhere in the system.

Just thought i would let you guys know :D

PS preorders taken at the show are to fulfilled in the next week or so once the first delivery hits and these will be the first batch in the UK.


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i saw one as well
those guys were very helpfull

Prices higher than i have seen on tinternet though so im going to wait!

They were very nice remotes!!!

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Just off to the show in an hour or so - be intresting to have a look at this rare beast ;)

Bone Daddy

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Well they had sold out of the 895`s the previous day - but i was after the 885 anyhow - and they price matched komplets £125 - so i was happy - just got to grip`s with their site - took the tour a couple of weeks ago - added all the bit`s and pieces - seems i put the wrong sort of telewest box down - gotta find the add device page etc - and some of the Tivo buttons could do with altering slightly - but other than that it seems way better than the old Pronto i had.


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im surprised and a little gutted as i mentioned Komplett and they wouldne match the price
oh well komplett will be getting the money instead!

what was the name of that company again?


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Is the 895 worth the extra £30 or so over the 885 then? Just trying to buy one of these fellas today if possible.

Ignore me, I'm being an idiot! Have noticed the differences, very embarrassed!

885 ordered from Komplett.

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