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Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by Ed Selley, Jun 25, 2004.

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    Found this online, was both amused at somone being able to fit the lyrics correctly and how many of those games were responsible for wasting chunks of my childhood (and beyond :blush: ). The same for you?

    We Didn't Stop Atari
    By Francisco Rangel

    (To the tune of We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel)

    Harry Potter, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Digimon
    Monkey Island, Space Invaders, Super Mario

    Maniac Mansion, Zero Mission, Mortal Kombat, Pole Position
    Grand Theft Auto, Ninja Gaiden, Pong and Yu-gi-oh

    Megaman, Depth Bomb, Asteroids, Robotron
    Tetris, and Army Men, River Raid, and Suikoden

    Castlevania, Kirby, Demolition Derby
    Dragon Warrior, LEGO Racers, Yoshi's Island, Gauntlet

    I really miss Atari
    From when I was younger
    Now the games are longer
    So, I still play Nintendo
    Like to keep it old-skool
    8-bit's always so cool

    South Park Rally, Harvest Moon, Jungle Hunt and Zoo Tycoon
    Double Dragon, Puyo Puyo, NBA Jam

    Duck Hunt, Tony Hawk, Chrono Trigger, Chuck Rock
    Q*Bert, Sonic, Worms, and Serious Sam

    Half-life, Max Payne, Zak McKraken, and Bloodrayne
    Onimusha, Sam and Max, Age of Empires, Golden Axe

    Home run, Outer Space, Prince of Persia, Death Race
    Alley Cat, Paperboy, Sinistar, SimCity

    I used to love my gameboy
    First they made it Color
    Then they made is smaller
    My portable companion
    It has been enhanced now
    So it's called "Advance" now

    Bomberman, Burning Fight, Killer Instinct, Gyromite
    Frogger, Basketball, Day of the Tentacle

    Solitaire, and Sim Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Ice Climber, and Descent, and Unreal Tournament

    There's Street Fighter, Zaxxon, Duke Nukem, Mafia
    Need for Speed, Halo, Turok: Evolution

    Rampage, Deus Ex, and that BMXXX
    Metroid Prime and Fusion, Dance Dance Revolution

    Genesis made by Sega
    16 bits of power
    Made Nintendo cower
    They made Super Nintendo
    Neither one was hated
    Neither dominated

    Leisure Suit Larry, Project Gotham Racing
    Punchout, Zork, Doom, Zombies Ate My Neighbors

    Legend of Kyrandia, DOA Beach Volleyball
    Dig Dug, Nethack, Contra and Plaque Attack

    Zelda, Moon Patrol, Battlezone and Star Control
    Zero Wing, Baldur's Gate, FIFA Soccer 98

    The 3D Revolution
    First we saw Playstation
    Our infatuation
    N64 and Dreamcast
    Came along to fight it
    But they couldn't smite it

    Splinter Cell, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong is back again
    Warcraft, Starcraft, Centipede, Xybots

    Pitfall, Pengo, Burger Time, 3D Castle Wolfenstein
    Ninja Turtles in Japan, Roger Wilco needs a tan.

    Hogan's Alley, Excitebike, Quest For Glory, Counter-strike
    Ultima, 7th Guest, Quake, Joust, Everquest

    Klax, Defender, Earthworm Jim, The Incredible Machine
    Final Fantasy, and Loom, I have no space in my room

    New consoles are arriving
    GameCube, PS2
    We've got Xbox,too
    New consoles will be coming
    But when these are gone
    We will still play on and on and on and on...
  2. Taz


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    :laugh: Very good Ed :smashin:
  3. Mylo

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    Mar 13, 2003
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    :thumbsup: your right the lyrics fit, nice one. :thumbsup:
  4. GalacticaActual

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Galactica C.I.C.
    very good. mentions some games i had even forgot about! :thumbsup:

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