I thought it was bad enough now


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In the US, American Idol judges drink from prominent glasses of Coca-Cola, Desperate Housewives has promoted Buick cars and characters in 24 extol the virtues of Cisco computer security.
At least 24 makes that sh!t look cool. That little ring tone of those cisco phones is class :thumsbup: As for the rest of this product placement? meh, not bothered do what you like, just means that now I will be more aware of it.


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Try the new Robbie Williams 'Rudebox' video for a lesson in shameless product placement. As if wearing an Adidas jacket wasn't bad enough, rapping about "the three stripes, no Asics" and "shell toes and three stripes" ices the cake. And then there's NBC's The Contender...ouch.

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I guess your take on this is subjective, I would much rather watch I Robot with real product placement like the neat Audi 4 wheel drive 4 wheel steer vehicle than have the same car with an invented manufacturer, it makes it so much more realistic, however Robbie Williams actually placing these references in his songs just shows how much of a Chieftan Tanker he is.:eek:


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I watched the original superman 2 the other day on DVD. The product placement in that is unbelievable! Its deffinately become more subtle over the years.


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cant say I'm too fussed about product placement in movies it has always been around but it annoys the hell out of me when the products become part of the plot or a create a whole scene based on teh product, take that Ipod advert half way through Blade 3 WTF does creating play-lists have to do with killing vampires?

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i quite liked the personalised speaking billboard advertising lexus in minority report. I thought it was integrated well, in that its not impossible that machines could detect who we were and advertise to us as we walk past. And nice to see some names we recognise and how they could evolve in the future.
Although the nikes in back to the future2 were terrible, even with the self tightening laces

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The best part of any film is when the hero/baddy looks at their watch to check the time so that we can see they are sporting the latest Tag/Rolex etc.

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