I think my SKY+ box is dying


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Guys I need some advice, my parents Sky+ box has failed twice now and wiped all the programs off the hard drive (which is well anoying). What I mean by failed is that it just turns off randomly and then when you try to turn it back on does not turn on and stuck in standby. The second time it did it, we could get into the menu but when selecting a channel it would screw up and lock up. On both occasions when we got it working again it said there was a fault with the hard drive and it would not record and we had to ring sky. I did a hard drive reset which seems to cure the problem but only in the short term. We rang sky and they give you the usuall troubleshooting rubbish that any person with a technical savvy can do.

Should we be more forceful with sky? they said it would cost £65 for an engineer to come out and look at it as its outside warranty (2 years old). However I think its down to their recent software upgrade thats killing the sky+ box

What should we do? what did you do when you were in the same situation?
I had the same problem, apparently the upgrade created this fault on a lot of boxes I was told by customer services. Sky changed my box and the Engineer told me that he was changing at least 4 boxes a day.
Get back on to them, in the mean time try doing a full system reset / planner rebuild, this cured mine for a few days until the engineer arrived.

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