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I think I'm officially obsessed. 1st buy help needed.

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by chunderwunder, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. chunderwunder


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    Hello all. This forum is such a great find.

    Wonder if someone in the know could give a newb some advice...

    I'm fairly new to Home AV setups. I've currently got an LG all in one DVD/CD/Cassette/Radio/5.1 Surround/kitchen sink thing, but it no longer plays DVD's. I've also got an 28" LG CRT, a VCR and a sky box and a fairly decent Gale sub.

    I was intending just to buy a £29.99 DVD player but started looking into reviews of modern kit and have become hooked. I think this is going to an expensive obsession!

    I can't afford to simply replace all my kit, I need to buy bits over time. I'm ideally interested in getting an all digital setup HDMI etc, but it all seems a bit expensive. I'd also like to get a DVD recorder, but it looks like Dual layer is probably just around the corner so I'll probably wait.

    So, first, I'd like to get a new DVD player, ideally, it needs to play music well and cope with SACD and DVD-A.

    Second, I'd like to get an AV receiver, something that copes with music and video equally well (it will replace my dodgy stereo) and that can also deal with component in from DVD and have a way for me to input my VCR, sky box, gamecube and, in the future, can have a DVD recorder wired in.

    Thirdly, apart from the sub, my 5.1 speakers came with the LG all in one, I would imagine they are a bit rubbish. Would like a set to complement both movies and CD/DVD Audio.

    Lastly, once setup, it needs to be easy to use, so that the wife doesn't complain that we've got just another fiddly remote control.

    So far, I like the look of the Pio 575 DVD player but am going round in circles with regards to Receiver and speakers. I would consider an all in one, like the denon 500 but it looks like I would get more flexibility from seperates.

    Budget: Upto £200 for DVD player, Upto £350 Receiver, Upto £200 speakers (no need for sub). Since my current setup is quite poor, anything would be an impovement. I would consider spending less now if it looks like I will just have to replace it again when HDMI HD stuff becomes more affordable. Trouble is, I just can't help salivating over the specs of more expensive equipment, even though it probably won't make much difference to my untrained ears.

    Any guideance appreciated.

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