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Aug 3, 2021
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Hi guys,

First things first: I'm really not much of an audiophile, but have recently inherited a home cinema set-up and could do with some advice.

What I have are a set of 'Quad' speakers and an old Yamaha receiver. However, it's my understanding that the receiver will not support the latest HDMI/4k signal (2.2 something?). Further to this, I also recently bought a turntable for playing vinyl (as far as I am aware it has a built-in pre-amp) and ideally I don't want to have to fork out for a new set of speakers. In a nutshell, having the speakers and the turntable is what's making me think it's probably worth splashing out on a new AV receiver.

I am assuming that speakers still connect in the same old way, so if I buy any 5.1-enabled receiver, I'll just be able to wire them in? Will most receivers have input for a turntable? I don't really get why stereo amps and TV amps need to be two separate units?

I was thinking of buying this one: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/av-receivers/str-dh790
Again, I'm really not looking for anything high end. I don't have great ears so I just want some of the movie sound to come from behind me!

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but my 4k player only has the HDMI out - nothing else. My TV has optical out, but not sure if that's any use?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
AV amplifiers have hdmi, coaxial, optical digital inputs. Hdmi outputs. Bass management, room correction, DSP. Multiple amplifier channels at least 5, upto 11 or so. analogue inputs, multi channel ADC and dac. Multi channel pre amp

Stereo amps pretty much have hardly of that, in the very basic have hardly any of that, but some digital integrated may have more (like dac built in) they have analogue inputs and outputs, two channel pre amp and power amplifier. That's pretty much it
Thanks for the response. So am I right in thinking that an AV amp will very much serve as a 'regular' stereo?

Also, am I right in thinking that HDMI into the AV receiver then back out to the TV is all I need for 5.1 surround? (assuming I have the speakers set up)
AV amp will work in stereo either press stereo or when you set the amp up just select the speakers you have, minimum would be left and right.

Typically you connect the sources into the avr then onto the TV.

However if your tv avr supports e-arc you could connect your sources into the TV then onto the avr.

Or you could mix and match say cd player and xbox are close to amp so send hdmi and coaxial from those into avr. If BD player and ps5 ankbox is near TV connect those to TV them hdmi from TV into avr using e-arc
Thanks again.

Okay, so I've just been looking into what e-arc is and now I have another conundrum...

My TV has an HDMI arc slot. The old AV receiver I have (a Yamaha RX v767) has HDMI in. So what happens if I plug the HDMI 2.0 cable from my blu ray player into my TV, then output regular HDMI to the AV receiver I already have?

Would that give me like a standard HD surround sound? Most of my movies are blu ray anyway, so I would be happy to settle for this if it works that way. If I'm only losing the highest level in quality I don't think I'd notice. Or would there be no sound for my 4k discs?

It would also save me £350 😂
If you connect sources into the avr youll get hd audio

If you connect sources into your TV then from your TV into avr, and if TV and avr supports e-arc you'll get hd audio.

If you connect sources into your TV then from your TV into avr, but your TV and avr is only arc you'll only get regular DD/DTS.
So is regular DD/DTS still surround sound?

I'm wondering if having a half-decent set of speakers on regular DD/DTS will be a big enough improvement on my TV speakers that I won't be fussed about upgrading the AVR 🤔
Yup, Pro-Logic, Pro-Logic IIx, Dolby Digital, DTS are still surround sound.

I have a pretty high end system (av pre power) and I'm still rocking with regular DD/DTS, I don't even have HDMI on my AV pre.

I bet my system will outclass many other systems here even though I don't have HD audio.

Flat panel TV speakers are awful even a £200 soundbar will be a big upgrade.
Regular DD/DTS is still surround sound and using the AVR will be a massive improvement over TV speakers.

The RX-V767 is a 2010 AVR model so only supports ARC, not eARC. It is also unable to pass through 4K video.

If you want to use that AVR to watch 4K Blu-ray AND get HD audio (TrueHD, DTS HD Master etc), then the cheapest option (circa. £180) is to use a UHD Blu-ray player with twin HDMI outputs which can simultaneously send 4K video to the TV and HD audio bit-stream to the AVR. If you have a good speaker system then HD audio formats are appreciably better than regular DD/DTS but the difference is not night and day.
Okay, so common sense dictates that I try the arc idea with the AVR already have first.

Really appreciate all the input, it would have taken ages for me to figure all this out by myself!

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