i think i have a faulty wii remote


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i've now got 4 of these remotes and one of them seems to have trouble keeping steady on the screen it also does lots of flickering when on the main wii home screen.

has anyone else had this problem?


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I have 2 and no matter how I position the sensor bar, I do get a little bit of flicker every now and then on the home screen. By flicker I mean that it suddenly seems to move the hand for a second and then jump back.

Try increasing the sensitivity a notch to see if it makes any difference.


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I get terrible flicker on both my wiimotes when my Christmas tree lights are on. But the tree is right next to the TV :D Also found that when the sun is bright (obviously doesn't happen that often at the mo) I get quite a bit of flicking of the cursor. Upping the sensitivity seemed to help though.

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