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I think artifacts FINALLY dissapeared from my Loewe Aconda...

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by zsaddique, May 22, 2002.

  1. zsaddique


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    I won't try and sound like a professional because I'm not. In fact, a month ago I had never heard of terms like "line doubling" and "progressive scan"! :eek:

    Anyway... being a bored college student I decided to spend a couple of days researching progressive scan and how this is implemented in my Loewe Aconda (2500 chassis)...

    Now, I don't really want to go into much detail, because I'm still confused with all these bits and bytes running around in my head, but I think you guys might want to hear my results.

    Basically, I've managed to display a NTSC DVD (thru AV2 scart socket in RGB) in what seems to be an "artefact-free" image that is NOT flickering (i.e. not 50hz mode).

    What I've done is switched Bit 3 of Byte 5 OFF to disable the NTSC progressive scan (which IMHO is a load of crap due to the horrible processing it does to the picture). Then I watch the DVD with DMM ON. So, you still get a flicker-free image, but WITHOUT the digital artefacts. :D

    Perhaps tomorrow, my brain will have stopped spinning so fast and I can work out exactly what I've been doing, but right now here's what I do know.... switching Bit 3 of Byte 5 to 0 turns the NTSC progressive scan off. And also, Bit 2 of Byte 5 controls PAL progressive scan if you have chassis 2400 or higher, but I have yet to get rid of digital artefacts on a PAL DVD picture without the 50hz flicker.

    I think I'll take a break now. ;)

    Zahid Saddique

    P.S. After hours of searching on the web, another thing I've learnt is that the European models are very different from the US models, which have all that 3:2 pulldown and other stuff we don't.

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