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    No I dont have Sixth Sense. A satelite installer friend just bought a Sharp PLV-60 lcd projector for his living room and asked me to come over and help sort out the sound system for him while he had a go with the easy part, installing the Lcd pj.
    Of course, this was a trick. He made the Coffee while I did everything else.
    Anyway, diden't take much time and my impressions were as follows.
    Nice bright picture (as is the norm with these single lense devices), blacks were improved with the use of a Stewart Greyhawk but, and its a big but for me, shadow detail was still very very murky.
    I guess I'm spoiled with hundreds of hours of Barco CRT watching. I know its a different technology (which is improving all the time) but nonetheless, comparisons still have to be made. After all, LCD aspires to do the same job as any other projection device.
    Also room size willing, there are a lot of used CRT bargains out there that are great value for money. Many members of this forum can testify to this.

    Going back to the title of this thread, I have seen dead pixels in virtually every single LCD pj that I've looked at.
    I think this is very off puting especially as your eye constantly keeps picking this up. These things can cost many thousands of pounds and should not really have significant faults like these as standard.
    Sony who is a leading source for Lcd's has come up with their own dead pixel statement.
    Apparently they will exchange any Lcd which has an "unacceptable" amount of dead pixels, in their view?
    Quite what is 'unacceptable' in their view is not made clear.
    Is it one dead pix, 2, 100, who knows?
    My friend had 5, and some dust sploges in the optical path already.


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