I really need your help. SPDIF cuts out


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New build HCPC with SPDIF sound cutting out.

Gigabyte 7N400 Pro2 MB
AMD 2600+ processor
512 Dual DDR
Asus 9600XT
Maxtor 160gb HD
Liteon DVD and CD drives
Realtek AC97 on board sound (optical or coax out)
Windows XP home
Power DVDxp player
Standard black case with 350W PSU
Z2 via DVI

I thought I had this problem sorted by simply swoping coax cables, but to my dismay and utter frustration the problem has returned.

I can watch say about 20 mins of a movie then the sound keeps cutting out though SPDIF coax AND optical connection to my reciever. However playback through headphones is fine.

So far I have downloaded all the latest drivers, re-installed PowerDVD, and checked all internal connections. Spent hours reading various threads here and elsewhere and now I'm stuck.

Any ideas would be welcome, Thanks.


Have you tried looking to see if there is an updated bios that you can download. I had on board sound on a previous mobo that was causing me lots of problems and reflashing remedied it.The 7n400 is an nforce 2 mobo if I'm not mistaken have you updated the nvidia nforce 2 drivers?


If that doesn't work I'd try a different dvd software player to make sure it's not powerdvd causing the problems. Also try disabling the onboard sound in the bios and re-enabling it to try and reset it.
failing that I'd try the mobo manufacturers forum to see if others have had a similar problem and how they overcame it.

good luck:)


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I had a similar problem. No matter how close I got to it being stable, sooner or later it always cut out on me.

In the end I gave up and bought a "proper" sound card. In my case it was a USB Audigy, because I didn't have a spare slot. There are cheaper options available though, especially if you only want SPDIF pass-through. It's worked completely flawlessly - which pretty much confirms my suspicion that the onboard realtek AC97 sucks.


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Thanks for the replies.

I have flashed bios and checked the latest nforce drivers.

Same problem albeit less frequent:mad:

Guess I will try a cheap sound card as I only need SPDIF out and see if that stops the cutting out.

Funny thing is, the first few movies I tried were fine, then without any software or hardware changes the problem just seemed to start on its own :confused:

Any more advise would be welcome.

PS I did try a trial version of Windvd, but it only lasted about 5 mins before it asks you to buy!! Not long enough to check sound.


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if you are using "xp" why dont you use the "restore"utility to restore to a date that it was working ok


I had exactly these symptoms when I first changed from WinME to WinXP home, nothing else on the HTPC was changed except for PowerDVD-XP being installed (the only reason I changed to XP) and I then got this cutting out/stuttering problem, I tried three different audio cards, SB16-4.1 still stuttered....Philips dynamic edge 4.1 still stuttered.....SB Audigy 2 still stuttered, after all this and too-ing and fro-ing from Microsoft support, after a long phone call, it turns out they admitted they had a "problem" with XP and SPDIF output, seems XP wanted to "hijack" the audio and video as it was designed as a home entertainment OS. They suggested I return to ME while they "looked into it", I did and of course it was absolutely fine from then on (about 13months ago) and they have never answered my query!
I obviously am keeping ME for now, as all works great.
I thought going to XP would be an advantage!!!!
I know others are using XP fine, but it put me off, and the support process I got from Microsoft was as painfull as getting your left bollock caught in a slow turning lathe!!!!!!!

And I am the first to extoll the virtures of XP, I have three machines running pro for professional photographic work and they are all rock solid.

I gave up, and now I am happy...........

Best regards David


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I had a virus that caused this problem


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Interesting comments Galaxy, I've really never been a fan of XP (its installed on my laptop) but figured it was a must to use with latest software etc on my HCPC . Wish I could could stick with my trusty old 98SE... it hasent let me down since umm 98. My old desktop is solid as a rock with 98SE. If all else fails though I will try ME. What spec Mobo etc are you running?

CrispyXUK. The problem started long before any internet connection, and all previous downloads/ oem discs have been filtered/ checked through my old desktop with AV software, I do take your point, but I didnt want to add anymore software just yet until I got the problem solved. However, AV is first on the list to be installed.



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I would recommend a half decent sound card then like the m-audio.


Actually, I had a similar problem (running Zoomplayer under XP) and came across the following tip on tweakxp.com.

Although the tip pertains to jerky graphics, the same symptom was causing sound to cut out on my DVD playback - i.e. intermittent jumps in CPU usage. The same site also has quite a few tips on killing unnescessary OS processes, so this may be something to consider.

Good luck,



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I am not connected to LAN either but checked my network adaptor anyway, turns out I have 2, a microsoft one and a gigabyte one???

Only the gigabyte (realtek) one has the advanced settings tab, what should I do?


Chipster, I take it the gigabyte one is integrated on your motherboard? If you're not using it, just disable it in Windows 'Device Manager' until you need it.




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Thanks danzig66

Yes it is the onboard one. I will disable it this weekend and see if it makes any difference. Failing that I will buy a cheap soundcard to see if that cures the problem.

By the way, do I keep the Microsoft one?



i need some help i need a Direct X download for world of warcraft :confused: :devil:

plz help me soon

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