i really feel stupid asking this, so go easy on me!



ive recently purchased the 40w2000...(although it aint here yet!) and i plan to wall mount it, but ive come to the conclusion that before i wall mount it im gonna need all the wires connected to the back of it even if im not using said wire. This way i wont have to pull the whole thing down again when i finally get an xbox360 for example, and have to connect it up thru the hdmi.

my Question is....what leads should i purchase???? at the moment i'll have
SD digital, two consoles (which im not bothered about...they can just be bunged into the composite on the side?....presuming it is on the side???...) an upscaling dvd player and i wanna be able to attach my pc....but i'd also like to be able to run my monitor from the pc as well....if you can do that???

so far ive got one hdmi cable for the dvd player
two sets of those red white and yellow wires for the consoles (which probably wont be around much longer!!!)
and a standard pc to monitor connection that is currently in use by said monitor!
what else should i get?

and heres the stupid question....what the hell does PC INPUT MEAN???...DVI or the one that looks like a serial port (standard)? or S-video....surely pc input could be any of those things????

thanks in advance...
i didnt imagine buying a tv would be this hard!...should of just stuck to my old panasonic 24" badass piece of early 90s kit :)


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PC input = DVI or D-SUB (the serial port looking thingy)

I would definitely recommend having DVI and D-SUB as well as component. DVI for PC, D-SUB for Xbox 360, component for anything else.

If it has HDMI ports, have them both plugged with HDMI cables. The upscaling DVD player or future HD-DVD/BD can be plugged into this. Also PCs using DVI to HDMI adapters.

Composite and s-video cables - if this has those inputs - this is up to you. Depends on whether you have a freeview box or something of the sort to plug it into.


thanks bud, your a star
so would you recomend hookin the pc up thru the dvi/d sub socket or using one of those dvi - hdmi cables?
it also says it has pc audio input....what kind of lead is that?


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For PC i would completely recommend the DVI route. DSUB is OK too, but DVI is better.

Dont really know what input the audio would be - PCs output to 1.8" mini jack, like walkmans and ipods.


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How does wall mounting work, do you have to gouge a big hole in the wall, as some of the wires/connection stick right out from the telly. Maybe the mounts should be hinged one side, so you can swivel them out to plug/unplug stuff?


i was thinkin that myself....hense me thinking about getting all the wires and having them connected to the back of the tv as a precaution....
apparently theres still some connections of the side of the tv for short term purposes....that'll do me :)

thanks again sinizterguy....dvi 2 dvi it is :)


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the tvs dont mount flush to the wall!
there needs to be a gap to stop it from over heating ect!
also it depends on what bracket you do buy!

you should be ok to hang it on the wall then get ur hand round the back to plug it all in!

you dont need to cut a hole in the wall???

i would only worry about geting all the cables if you are running them throw the wall, so you cant remove them!

also some HDMI cables dont run 1080p and are not that good for the best pic ect! so have a look around b4 you buy them!

if you have a look on the back of your pc graphics card, you should see a d-sub connection, what your pc monitor is pluged into, there may be another connection next to it, either the same or a DVI!
as long as you have 2 on the graphics card, then you will be able to run them both at the same time! TV + pc monitor

also you broght this tv with out checking the ports on the back?

4 Pin (Y/C) In

MiniJack (Head/Earphone) (mm)

PCMCIA Card Slot

RCA Audio Out

RCA AV Input


Scart 1

Scart 2
YES (RGB, Smartlink)




PC Input (15pin D-Sub) + Audio In

dosnt look like it has DVI you will need a converter!
guess the pc audio in will be a 3.5 audio jack, but it could be 2 phono?

also i would stay away from the Composite, and use scart, or component for your gaming!

it does have a side input of Composite, s video and head phones out!

also PC Input means (15pin D-Sub) or it will say pc input via (other)


ah ha!...thanks so much my friend

got the tv today...am very happy with it. my next question was gonna be about the composite......looks awful!

Also, people have said how good the sd is on this tv..and to be honest...unless its animation...it doesnt look too great...but then thats probably because im 2 feet away! (will be about 12ft..when ive got it mounted... its 2feet now cause im scared to death of someone knockin it over!)

havent wall mounted it yet...as that looks daughting...but glad you reckon i should be able to get to the back...they did say in the description of the mount i bought that it wouldnt be flush to the wall

thanks again...you've all been extremly helpful!

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