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My cable goes through my vcr. I was in the middle of recording some things, and when I switched to another blank tape, I accidentally hit something on either the vcr, or the vcr remote. Now I can watch a recording, and the tv shows the display, or I can watch tv... and there is no display, and it won't record. So, logically... I'm guessing when I can see, and change the channel... it's on one setting, and then when I playback it goes to JUST the vcr. I did unplug the vcr to se if it would reset. I've never had this happen, and it's making me crazy. Please please help.... thank you, Julie*


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Sorry, i figured it out.... even though the vcr was saying it was going through ch 3, the aarow keys on the vcr ch up/down said either line, or ch 51... once I switched the remote to VCR and punched in 03... all's ok :)

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