I Pod Touch & DENON ASD3N Dock


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Hello. I was given an I pod Touch for Christmas and the Denon dock by my good lady. :thumbsup:Superfi told her that the dock was compatible with the Touch and all seemed well when I connected it to my amp and inserted the Touch! Next day however, the dock was dead. :mad: Nothing happened when the touch was inserted and the dock just constantly clicked, wouldn't switch off via the remote and pulling the plug made no difference. I checked by connecting the SVHS lead to the TV and it seemed to be sending an intermittent signal (again still clicking).

Superfi are replacing the dock, however, after reading some of the posts here, I’m beginning to wonder if the dock is compatible with the Touch, or whether I was just unlucky that the dock had a fault! Some reassurance sought by anyone please?




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The contents of the Touch (i.e it's flash disk) can't be read by (as far as I know) by anything other then iTunes. However line audio output is still available, not sure about video as this I understand now needs a DRM chip in the dock or cable.

Although it does sound like it's faulty.


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Thanks Tides. It was the phono audio out i was using from the dock and all seemed well as the Denon remote was controlling the Touch - well for the hour it lasted! I'll await the new one!


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Hi Chris,

I had exactly the same problem as you - clicking dock which kept resetting itself (although mine was the wireless version). I took it back to the shop and got a replacement which had the same fault - looks like a dodgy batch.

Did you manage to get a working dock and if so how does it work with the Ipod Touch - any good? Can you browse and play videos and music on your tv through the Denon remote, and what about the internet radio?



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