I Pod touch and docking station advice


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I am about to purchase a new i pod touch and a docking station.

Two questions

1)I want something that will produce true HiFi type sound and act as a main living room system. I have a budget of £300 for the docking station and would prefer a single unit rather than two speakers set up. I mainly listen to rock/metal/blues genres. I have looked at the Kanto AV Iport5 (SYD5) and B&W Zeppelin (££££) and the Harmon and Kandon Go&Play.

2)Also I have most of my itunes library ripped at 128kbs AAC, should I re-rip at 256kbps and hence get the 64GB touch rather than the 32GB touch.:confused:


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I have recently purchased both the IPod Touch 64GB,and,having auditioned various speaker docks,the B & W Zeppelin.
The Zeppelin is expensive,but,what one loses in stereo separation,one gains in sound quality.
Additionally,one can adjust,via the IPod,the bass output of the Zeppelin.
The Zeppelin is more than capable of revealing poor quality,so do it justice,I rip my CDs using the Apple lossless option.
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