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I-pod link cable for Blaupunkt DAB53, questions

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by Richard5, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Richard5

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    Feb 10, 2004
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    Purchased an i-pod link cable from BlueSpot yesterday (http://www.bluespot.co.uk/stock/ipod_cable.asp) arrived today (with no instructions) but fitted it OK to my Blaupunkt DAB53 (http://www.bluespot.co.uk/stock/woodstock_dab53.asp) which I also purchased from BlueSpot about a year ago

    When you select “Changer” on the head unit the i-pod comes on and the word “Blaupunkt” and their logo lights up in the i-pods display.

    The DAB53 then does a “magazine scan” as it assumes you have a CD changer attached, and then the i-pod starts playing from CD1 Track 1 without a problem.

    The question’s I have are

    1. I cannot control the i-pod at all whilst it is connected to the head unit; it seems to be locked, is this normal?
    2. The head unit only lets you access CD’s 1 to 10 (from investigation these correspond to the first 10 directories in the i-pod). I have over 200 directories on my i-pod, but cannot access them as the head unit is insistent that there can only be 10 CD’s in the changer. Is this normal, and if so how can I work round it so that I can play the majority of the tracks stored in my i-pod, not just the firs ten directories.
    3. From the website “Radios with compatible CD text feature will display i-Pod track information (ID-3 tags must be version 1)” Does my DAB53 have the compatible CD text feature? If so does this mean it should display directory information (as it does if I put an MP3 cd in to play) or does it just show song information? At present all the head unit shows is
    “D01 T01 00:00” which is Disc 1 Track 1 and the time (this does change depending on what disc/track I’m playing).

    Hope I’ve explained myself clearly, many thanks for any help or advice anyone can give on the above



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