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I pod and dock vs dvd player


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My friend does not play music from his dvd player, he uses an i pod with a dock connected to his amp, question is can an i pod and dock play music as good as my dvd89 plays a cd?

Do any of you use this system to play music? let me know what you think thx :thumbsup:


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Typically, no (all other things being equal). Music stored on an iPod is (pretty much always*) converted to a compatible format (like MP3 or something similar) which is lossy to save data space and hence allow more to be stored.

That means, something is lost from the signal in the conversion. The loss is usually fairly insignificant, but it depends on how good the encoder was and what data bit-rate was used.

But loss is loss. And playback of such material is bound to be inferior (to some degree) than from an uncompressed source like CD.

* Some few people use "Apple Lossless" as the data format for their iPod. As the name suggests, this is lossless, but it takes up a lot more space than the lossy alternatives.


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A high bitrate MP3 with a good dock might well sound better than a supercheapo DVD player from Tesco. Not saying you have a cheap Tesco DVD player, just that there are other factors and links in the chain.

At 320kbps, and MP3 would not sound any different to the original CD to the vast majority of people. As LV426 says, using a lossless format for your music would retain al the data and sound quality from the original CD. Then it would be just down to how good the dock is.

What your mate gets is the convenience of not having to mess around with CD's too.

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet, have a seach around these forums for much more debate of the issues involved.


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Thx for the replies, i think im going to have a go and see what i think, it would be nice to have my cd collection in one box:thumbsup:


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Depending on how much cash you have to splash you could consider buying a mac mini. Bigger HD than an ipod, better output dac and can play DVD's. Also can do all things a computer can...ie, alot of stuff an ipod and dvd player can't! They are very reasonable on ebay now and come with front row installed, so you can pick up an apple remote and control all your media from your couch.

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