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i ordered PHILIPS 32PW9308 from argos

Discussion in 'TVs' started by rvd48, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. rvd48


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    this philips tv from argos

    with its pixel plus feature, does it give a infant High Definition picture quality?

    the reason why i have to buy the tv from argos is that my old tv (sony 32") Fudged up for a record 4 times with the same problem. broke down on sunday (30/11/02)-

    they would not give me a refund (bought on the 22/12/02), so they said you can exchange your faulty tv for a different one in our catalogue.

    this philips looks like the most advanced CRT they've got so i ordered that, but everywhere elsewhere on the internet, its a dam site cheaper!

    i will ask "Argos Direct" for a reciept to be sent with this Philips tv, within the 16 days of initial use, i will see if it completely [swear word removed-lynx] up (like everybody on avforums are saying) and then try and get a refund in cash. hope it works

    are there any laws on my side which say i can claim a full refund instead of a exchange?

    Please read the rules again, paying particular regard to swearing - Rule 2 - lynx

    sorry about that lynx:eek:

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