I only want to watch UEFA Euro 2004 and a movie or two!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by helpme, May 25, 2004.

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    I have spent the last 2 months searching for Plasma and more confused now than I was before I started.

    I have visited a number of retail stores to compare different Plasma sets at Currys, Comet and PowerHouse. As these stores are running on some internal distribution system via RF the PQ was poor and a few running of DVD’s but only had one copy of the movie been played so couldn’t actual make a good assessment.

    Heard about the new Panasonic E30 so went along to Panasonic (Wokingham), they had the E30 and PW6 both on display, the PQ on the E30 was much better than the PW6 – asked the sales person what the main difference was between the two sets, he told me the model and price (my 5 year old could told me that) and when asked him again he said he wasn’t going to give me free consultancy and walked away – WHAT !

    Any how I started with budget of 2K……now 2.5K – Its going to be wall mounted so ideally minimum number of cables to the Plasma the better. The main points I am really looking for are 1) PQ – (Getting my moneys worth), 2) Once setup – easy use for the kids & wife i.e. no need for switching aspect ratio etc…

    The two top runners are PW6 and PD5300 based on what I have read from this forum, with external tuner to make my life easier but I don’t want to lose PQ so I have been looking at iScan Ultra for a single connection into the Plasma via DVI.

    I will be connecting SKY, DVD and XBOX to the plasma – the DVD currently has RGB/Svideo – Due to be upgraded in the near future.

    Is there are real buzzing problem with Hitachi plasmas?
    Are tuner boxes a no no – is there any loss of PQ ?
    Is an iScan Ultra overkill for my setup?

    With the price of PW6 dropping (less than 2K) I was thinking of PW6 with DVI card and iScan Ultra, so I will only need to connect my devices to iScan Ultra - Will this do the job ?

    Any advice much appreciated :lease: .

    Thanks in advance.
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    i`m not sure if the dvi on the iscan ultra works with pal/sky or even works at all.
    on the iscan hd i think it does but is around £1000.

    Tuners are not liked as they say it degrades the picture a little , but for an easy life for the misses and kids(this might be a worth it).

    best thing to do is ssee some proper demo`s of football on each of your fav plamsa`s . as some look terrible with football,

    hope this helps
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    The simplest thing you can do is just go buy the PE30. It's dead sexy, has a fantastic picture, and will be no more confusing to use than your existing telly. The more you get into video processors, DVI etc the more you may wish you hadn't!!! :suicide:

    The iScan Ultra will not work with Panny via DVI or indeed quite a few DVI devices since it sends a slightly wrong resolution out that isn't understood by many DVI cards. You can run it via component though. It's not overkill if what it offers is important to you and you can afford it, it is overkill if you were happy with the picture to start with... (which many are)

    Buzzing is not a "problem" on the Hitachi plasmas per se, it is something all plasmas do to some degree or another and those that have had a bad experienced have posted such. Some have had a replacement that didn't buzz as loud, others have given up! The same goes for the Panasonic plasma. In fact the same goes for any plasma since it is the PSU buzzing hence it changes with brightness of scenes because it is working under different amounts of strain.

    As jmack says, tuners make a difference to PQ, but is almost always an acceptable loss for the benefits gained. :smashin:

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