I never realised finding a suitable TV stand was so hard!

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    I've just bought my first flat and I'm in the process of redecorating before moving in. There's no centre piece to focus the eye on in the living room so I'm looking for something a little eye-catching to go against a grey feature-wall. It will be in an open plan living room with gloss-white kitchen units so perhaps a gloss-white TV Stand/Cabinet will offset the grey well and link nicely with the kitchen.

    It needs to fit a 46" TV, plus bookshelf speakers either side, and beneath it needs shelving for a PS3 and Musical Fidelity M3i, which isn't exactly small at 44cm wide x 10cm high x 40cm deep. Nor is it light at 9kg so needs a strong shelving unit.

    I love the Norstone - Baho BLACK and Norstone - Cikor but at £1k each they're too much for me!

    Happy to spend £600 or so for a unit that really catches my eye and that will last.

    The wall it will be set against is 377cm, with one end of a corner sofa taking up some of that space but there's plenty of room there for a large unit like those linked above.

    What other brands or specific units might I look at that offer great build quality and design at a slightly more affordable price for me?

    I really appreciate any and all contributions from you guys!

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