I needa PC and TV total budget about £1600, ideas please?



Reading some of the entries on this forum Iwonder if I would be best getting a PC and a separate TV or a Home Entertainment System centred around the PC. We don't often need PC and main TV at the same time. However our living room is fairly large so a little 15 or even 17 in screen would look a bit lost without using binoculars.

All advice and suggestions much appreciated.


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I've gone for the second route and am going to build a PC and use a jvc HV28-P37, you can get the 32'' version for about £800 and if you can build a PC (Not to diffucult when you know how) £700 can buy you a decent PC, I'll hopefully be getting:

Athlon XP 2500+
Sapphire radeon 9600xt
2 X 256mb of pc3200 ram
80Gb hard-drive with 8mb cache
videologic 5.1 speakers (although you'll probably have a seperate system)
Asus A7N8X-E motherboard
A decent case (hopefully watercooled)
and all the other essentials

Without watercooling the PC, I got the total under £1300 at Ebuyer (including the TV, not at Ebuyer though :D) and with a 32'' screen it should be under £1500, and you can have a nice 32'' monitor :smoke: (using a ATI DVI-component cable), note the PC takes a high-def signal and you can use the PC at 1920x1080p.

You will however need access to the monitor to set the PC up (Mobo,etc, or so i've been told)


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