I need urgent Advice before I take the projector plunge, please help


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Hiya all,

I am in the process of purchasing a projector, was looking at the AE100/200 etc.
However since having another look around the forums etc, I find that there is a lot of talk about the X1,Screenplay 4800 etc, also the Sanyo Z1.

My needs are:

I have a lounge at present which is 3.6m x 4.5m, I have a 36" W/s TV on the 4.5m wall roughly in the middle my settee is oposite the tv , I would ideally like to get a far bigger picture than this.

Where is the best place to mount the PJ to get the optimum picture.?

Is it better to go for a LCD AE200 etc or a DLP X1 etc.?

I have a Toshiba SD330 with component out, Panasonic Sky Digibox I assume I would use either S-Video or RGB Scart out on this.

I have pondered on the HTPC and have this sort of running at the mo only in test mode with s-vhs and audio leads running across the lounge, not Wife friendly, lol nor my mad staffie.

Any advice welcome people.




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Methinks a staffie might find a ceiling-mounted projector fun to play with. :laugh:

LCD vs. DLP .. many pros and cons of each, you may want to do some background reading on Projector People or Projector Central where you'll find a mass of useful information.

Executive summary: neither is 'better' than the other per se, each is better at some things, worse at others, each has their own annoyances which some people will not worry about while others find a show-stopper.


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Thanks for the reply, I will have a look thru the sites now,

anybody else out there that has seen both types or had both types to clarify.



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One thing that I cant seem to clarify is.

does more Lumens give me a brighter picture, ie 1200 is better that 400 etc, and contrast ratio, I see the AE's have around 700:1 whereas some DLPs are saying 2000:1 etc.




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The lumens rating, like contrast ratio, has to be taken with a pinch of salt. :) In theory yes, lumens are the units of light output so that the higher the number the brighter the light .. BUT .. the numbers are often subject to, shall we say 'creative marketing' so that in reality they often are meaningless, or at best merely a guide.

For example, if you go to the ProjectorCentral site I posted the link to and read their review of the HS20 you'll see that the projector starts out with a 1400 lumen output ends up at about 300 under some circumstances.

Like most things, you need to look behind the figures to see how they were measured.

Contrast Ratio is even more unreliable. DLPs are generally better than LCDs, is a reasonable rule of thumb, however a projector sporting a 2000:1 CR for example may end up being, say, 700 in reality.

Again, you need to indeally see the machines for yourself, or at the very least read a detailed review to discover the truth.

Daithi Lacha

you're in the same boat as me...about to buy a PJ and trying to decide on DLP V LCD. I've had a lot of greast advice from the guys and gals on this forum and the short answer is if you can go view one, then do it. I heard so much about the Optoma H30, and still do, but as great as it was, I experienced this so called "Rainbow effect", so heart broken, I had to leave it. It just isn't worth buying a PJ only to be let down by something like this. If you are NOT affected by DLP rainbow, then I'd go for the H30 as everyone agrees that for the price, it's amazing.
If you ARE affected by Rainbows, then the PT300 or better still the PT500 are excellent first PJ's for about the same price.
Yesterday I was buying the H30...today it's the PT500...
Lord lknows what it'll be tomorrow....I've just gotta take the plunge someday and it looks like LCD by a nose!

keep asking questions, they're good people here!

Good luck with your search.


My personal feeling is there is more bang for your buck with lcds in the budget arena (at the moment!). If you were heading towards £2k id be more tempted to go dlp


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