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I need to upgrade my DVD


Standard Member
I need to upgrade my DVD player its getting a bit unreliable..What would you recommend?(not too pricey),is it worth trying to get HDMI and Progressive play.
Also should I be getting seperate amp too..any ideas also speakers..?

Don`t really want to spend a fortune as I`m no expert but would like something half decent.

Price range total 5-700 quid if poss.

Thanks for any replies


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check out www.richersounds.com, i got all my av euip there about 3 years ago. if i was you depending, on what your visual equip is to be? eg plasma or projector ie would spend the following
1. amp, spend about 150, get one with dd, dts, 5.1 click to see one here: http://ws4.richersounds.com/showproduct.php?cda=showproduct&pid=YAMA-RXV350-TIT

2. get a speaker package with an amp for about 100-150, say Gale, don't get the small style speakers get proper size book shelf ones or floor standers

3.dvd player, look at these! spend no more than 100

i have got a cambridge audio (you might want to consider getting a dvd recorder!)

4.get good quality cable, gale 1 pound per metre

5.let me know what u think!!

richer sounds have much more in store!, go and talk, they are great!




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Danny, you could do worse than look at the denon 1920, about £250, Canton CD-1 speakers (these are small wall mountable and are incredible value), about £250, Yamaha rx-v657 amp also about £250


You can pick up a:

Denon 1920 DVD player for £200.

Yamaha 557 amp for £220.

And some smart KEF or Mission speakers would do nicely.

Im not sure what the above poster has read about "Gale" speakers, but all ive heard is bad things, I might be doing a total injustice, but ive heard that Gale are junk, my apologies if this is indeed not the case.

PS. Richersounds used to sell a lot of good quality equipment, but it seems as though the majority of their stock now is cheap and nasty supermarket-type brands from my experience.
They used to be big stockers of Arcam, Pioneer, Sony, Denon, take a look through their product listings now and you won't find many mentions of these names, at least not in their DVD player sections.


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Many thanks for replies.
I have just received my order of a 42 inch PWD8 from AV Sales.(great service).
I have had my garage converted and speaker cables where the wall speakers could go.

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