I need to sourch a cheap learning remote

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Apr 11, 2001
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In the states Radio shack do a $10 learning remote. I have seached high and low in the UK but found nothing under £100.

I'm going out to the US later this month and will bring back a whole batch. but would love to find a UK source.

Has anyone come across a cheap learning remote. I don't mean a pre programmed jobbie which will do most TVs. this will be to replace a projector remote. Often when I buy them the remote is not working or is missing.

Many thanks

What about the Philips SBC RU880 Learning/Pre-programmed/RF Remote Control? Is about £35+VAT.
Better than that maplin.co.uk are doing the E-Pilot SRC9200 at £39.99 inc. VAT and free carriage! Just got one and it's cool and can learn anything as well as having macro's available.
Thanks guys the Phillips looks Identical to my Denon remote.

I need hard buttons so you can feel in the dark.

I'll get one and try it out.

I seach for a year and get frustrated. Post here and within an hour get what I need.:cool:
Anywhere in particular to get the Philips? - starting to collect these things out of curiousity now!

BTW Roland@B4 the E-Pilot lights up automatically in the dark when touched so is very functional and looks even cooler in the dark than in light!

Not wishing to raise your profits further but you should also bring back a crate of analog Sound Meters too ;)

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