I need to decide on a Sharp GA5E


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As the arrival of this model is imminent, and I have an option on one I need to make a decision if I should buy it.

I know about the lack of a digital input, but is this TV really going to be not worth buying?

Obviously the picture via component or scart is not going to be as good as a digital input, but as a CRT has had analogue input for years I can't see how the actual picture quality will be any worse than I have be watching previously.

I am not interested in Sky+ or HDTV at this time, but I would perhaps be connecting a HTPC in the near future.


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Surely you need DVI for a HTPC? I presume you are talking about a 32" screen, because the 26" and 37" are still around in the GA3 or GA4 guise?


I read somewhere that this model has a VGA input, but that was only in one place, and I've seen no other confirmation at all. Worse, there's still no manual link on Sharp's webpage.


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I was thinking that my computer has been connected to an analogue LCD for a few years, so I could connect a HTPC to the Sharp in the same way - ie analogue.

I am assuming that the inputs will be the same as the GA3 and GA4 that it is replacing, exept minus the DVI connection


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Without DVI or VGA connections, you will not be able to connect a HTPC and get high quality images. The only way would be to connect via S-Video from a Graphics card or fabricate a SCART cable from the VGA output from the HTPC. The second option is dangerous as it could damage either the HTPC or the TV !

I would suggest you wait a while (Few months) and take a look at the next gen LCD TVs. I've heard the new displays will be coming out quite soon.


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