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Hi guy's, I want to be able to connect an acer aspire 5720 laptop to my hd tv. I am aware that the laptop only has a vga out (the tv also has a vga port) but as you know there would be no sound unless you have a 3.5 jack cable. I have a hdmi to dvi converter adapter but then i'd need to get an dvi to vga wire. The question is though, am i wasting my time as the final piece of kit going into the laptop would still be vga and that does not transmit the audio element, or would it? Is there a pice of kit out there that would do everything i want? This all started when my daughter, who has the small box room, and i mean small said she had nowhere to work on her laptop. I thought i would hook it up to the tv and get her a wireless keypad with the built in tracker ball.

Before anyone suggests spending loads on a new laptop I would if i could but just not at the mo.




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Just because you can find something on ebay/amazon marketplace doesn't mean it'll actually work.

Specifically you can get a DVI-D to HDMI cable but only a DVI-A to VGA cable and the two won't plug in or work together because they're two entirely different formats (DVI carries separate analogue and digital signals in the same way that SCART can carry three different signals).

So not only would you not get sound with that setup you'd not get video either. If the laptop only have a VGA video out then you'll have to use two separate cables.

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