I need this for the house....


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Aug 16, 2001
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or more specifically for the bathroom.

1/ portable (no plugs)
2/ DAB radio
3/ CD player
4/ Wi-Fi compat or possibly with Sony Memory stick...

Any chance ?....

(I would like detachable speakers..... but didn't fancy pushing my luck too far :smashin: )
Zog, unsure if i can help but there are a couple DAB options that may suit you but unfortunately I dont know of a device that fulfills all your requirements.

Goodmans do a kind ghetto blaster looking portable DAB/CD player - model number GPS285DAB. Note however its not wifi or memory card compatable :(

Acoustic Energy have a new wifi radio out soon (http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/contact/radio.html) which you can also stream your MP3's to it so could conceivably rip your CD's to mp3 and play them wirlessly into the radio. But I am pretty confident it will require mains power.

I guess it will be a case of deciding whats more imporant for you, unless someone out their knows another suitable dab.
That looks lke a real solution.

Just Wi-Fi'ing up the house so it sound ideal.

Cheers for the tip :smashin:
DAB radios eat batteries.
hi zog i use a philips az6000 dab/cd unit its portable sounds downright lovely
more detail than your average boombox by far regards trevor

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