Question I need something to replace my old Toshiba PVR (RD-XS34)

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by necronom, Mar 25, 2017.

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    I hope someone can help with this. I've been looking at PVR/DVR reviews and they don't give much info. I've had a Tosbiba RD-XS34 for a long time, but it's started freezing when recording. I've checked the HD and it seems okay when in my PC with a check program running, so I think it's overheating, or a capacitor is failing, or something similar.

    I want a PVR that can do the following:

    Very quiet recording and operation - the only problem I have with the Toshiba is the noisy fan.
    Button to jump back 10 seconds.
    Button to jump forward 30 seconds.
    Button to jump in large increments (like 1/20th of the recording).
    Button to jump to beginning / end.
    Button to view length of program and current position (e.g. a bar at the bottom of the screen showing it while watching a recording).
    Button to set chapter divide (some kind of bookmark would do).
    Option to watch at 1.5 speed with sound, though faster searching doesn't need sound.
    Ability to edit recordings (trim beginning/end and chop out bits in the middle).
    Ability to copy to pc over network or have built in DVD recorder (just some way to get recording off if I need them).
    Freeview HD and HD recording.
    Ability to record 2 programs and watch a third.
    Chase play (start watching a currently recording program).
    Record from Virgin Media box (which is SCART, but I guess I'd have to get a SCART to HDMI converter), so obviously needs to be able to record when I tell it to, from an input, not just from an EPG in this case.
    Component out would save me having a lack of inputs on the TV, as I'm currently using all three HDMIs, both SCARTS, a Composite, and lastly a Component from my Toshiba PVR.
    Phono audio L/R output (I can't believe some don't have this), otherwise I won't hear anything.
    Ability to set up recordings through the internet would be nice.

    Does anyone know of anything that can do this?

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