I need some new Interconnects - Any Suggestions?


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I am after some new interconnects and was wondering what people suggest nowadays.

Its been a while since I bought some but I remember a few years ago I bought some custom made interconnects off ebay with Neutrik connects on the end but can't remember where I got them from, theres no maker displayed on the cable itself, any ideas?

Would it be the Neutrik and Van Damme combo?


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Just had another look at the cables and they are

Gotham GAC-1 cable with Neutrik Ends.

Is it worth getting the Chord Crimson stuff?

I also forgot to mention that my system is this

Speakers - Acoustic Energy 309
Amp - Densen Beat B-100 C
Sources - Logitech Squeezebox, Xbox 360, DVD Player, Samsung TV, WDTV Live
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I think you need to give us more information. "Interconnects" covers a very wide range of options.

You mention Neutrik, that is actually a brand name, though it has become most commonly associated with a locking type of speaker cable connector.

You've given us no context about what you are connecting to what and why?

This is a Neutrik connector -

Neutrik NP3C 1/4" Stereo Plug Nickel | 092-100

This is also a Neutrik connector -

Rean NYS373-2 RCA Plug Black with Red Indicator | 092-113

Though I have no way of knowing, I suspect you are referring to a Neutrik SPEAKON connector -

Neutrik NL4FC Speakon Connector 4 Pole Cable Mount Type For Pro Audio Speakers And Amplifiers 092-050

I think you need to be more specific.



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Yeah its the Neutrik RCA connectors.

Its RCA Phono interconnect that I'm after. I'll be using my squeezebox as main source of music at moment which will.be connected to the amp. I'm moving into new house and don't require the length of interconnect cables I have at moment so its about tiding them up. Secondly I listen to a lot of electronica and classical music and want a cable which will work well with my Densen Beat B100 amp and also bring out the best in terms of the music dynamics.

My apologies if I wasn't as clear as I should be on previous post.


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You need RCA-to-RCA, standard audio connectors, or do you require some other special combinations like 3.5mm Stereo to RCA?

RCA_M-to-RCA_M is probably the most common cable out there, and you should have no trouble finding them any where.

Don't get the cheapest of the cheap, but in the range of £10 to £25 should do the job nicely.

Stereo Phono / RCA Cables - AudioVisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

On the above page, even the low cost Fisual Pro Install Series are probably fine -

Fisual Pro Install Series Phono / RCA Cable 1m - By Brand - AudioVisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

It just gets down to how much money you are willing to spend.



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