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I wonder if anyone can help...i'm about to take the plunge and buy a plasma screen (have just over 3k to spend) but i really am getting confused!!

I need to connect Sky Digital, DVD and PS2 to the panel....If it helps i have a tosh 220 dvd player, marantz 4200 av receiver and Mission FS2AV speakers

The questions:

1) What is, and more importrantly do i need a tuner??

2) Whats all this JS converter box stuff about???

3) I want to wall mount the screen, is everything i need in the box?

4) Any special cables required (ie how how do i connect sky or dvd to panel..

5) VGA boards???

Sorry for my ignorance, i have searched this forum but i'm getting myself into more of a state!!

Cheers for any help



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1) Generally plasmas are just monitors, they are not TV's, they do not receive TV signals. If you don't have sky or cable you can buy a tuner box to allow you to watch TV (or you could use a VCR as a tuner instead). Sounds like you will not need this as you have Sky Digital.

2) Plasmas have a a variety of inputs, e.g. the Panasonic Plasmas have:
- Composite & S-Video Inputs (but only one can be used at a time).
- Component Inputs
- VGA Input

Most do not have scart inputs so this is where the converters come in, allowing you to convert signals from one format to another to allow you to connect devices to the Plasma.

Usually people save the component inputs for a component output DVD player, but JS now do a converter box to allow you to connect a Scart RGB source to the component inputs. This is one option.

You could connect PS2 via the composite or s-video input.
You could connect your DVD via composite or s-video too, but if your DVD player has component output that would be a better bet.

You can plug a PC into the VGA port if you want to use it as a monitor. But a lot of people use the the JS VGA converter to convert their Sky/TV output to VGA and input it to the plasma - this apparently gives the best picture quality for Sky etc.
See www.rgbtosvideo.com for details of the converters.

Obviously it's going to depend on what Plasma you go for.

3) Most plasmas do not come with any mount or stands, these are usually extra options (and usually not cheap ones, 100-200 pounds for a stand/mount is not unusual).

4) See 2) above.

5) See 2) above.


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Thanks for that reply Codlord - very helpful.

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