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I need help !!

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by jeggsy, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. jeggsy


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    Long one here boys and girls.... Hope this will be OK

    Having problems with my setup of Sony KV25 25" TV and Sony VTX-D800 freeview box. The digi-box is connected to the TV using AV1 by Scart lead. The TV is about 5 years old and the digi-box is about 6 months old.

    Over the last month or two, when you turn the digi-box on, sometimes instead of the TV automatically changing to AV1 channel and displaying the digi-box , it would just be blank. If you turned the digi-box off & on again, the picture and sound would appear as normal.

    Sunday night the digi-box just died. The green light would come on the box but could get no sound or pictures at all. Changed from AV1 to AV2 and also Scart leads without sucsses. Decided that the digi-box had died so got the misses to take it back and get it replaced for another. Got the replacement Sony today and connected it all up and have got the same problem as before.

    Now started thinking that my TV was the problem. Connected my Sony DVD and video to AV1 & 2 and worked OK. plug digi-box back in and that did not work so ruled the TV out.

    Plugged new Sony digi-box into upstairs Philips 17" TV and found that did not work properly. The digi-box would not automatically change the TV to AV1 by itself but worked if you manually changed TV channel to AV1.

    Took digi-box back downstairs and found that sometimes it would work by manually changing TV to AV1 and other times it would still be bank.

    This has just left me so confussed. I have ruled out the TV & Scart leads so it must be something to do with the digi-box. The only thing that is worrying me is that the new one seems to be doing what the old did. I looked at the firmware release and the new box had the same level as my old box (V1.11.01u) I'm fairly convinced that my problems only started when I had this release of firmware, which would tie in with the time I've had this issue.

    Just as a double check. I have plugged my old Samsung S-200 digi-box from upstairs that works OK, into the Sony TV and that works fine. Definetly something odd with my Sony digi-box. Still think it may be firmware issue.

    Anybody suggest anything ??? I need my lovely Sony working

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