I need help with external connectors on my sound card (Does it have digital audio?)


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Does my sound card has digital audio coaxial output?

I recenly bought a prebuilt desktop computer Medion MD 8824.
It features an integrated sound card on the MSI mother board ms-7255 (P4M890M-L/IL). It says it is a 7.1 channel sound card and it has 6 external connectors.
The manual of computer describes them as:
1x analog line level output for stereo signal -front speakers or headphones (colored green on connector)
1x side speakers out (colored silver on connector)
1x center speaker and subwoofer out (colored orange on connector)
1x rear speakers out (colored black on connector)
1x line in (colored blue on connector)
1x microphone (colored pink on connector)


What I would like is to connect audio from sound card to a Sony STR DG 510 av reciever via digital coaxial audio cable.

So my question is: Is the orange ouput on sound card a digital coaxial audio out?

Because I was told that the center speaker and subwoofer channnel also serves as digital audio out.


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Thank you very much.

Sorry to ask such noobish questions, but those connectors (the 4 surround ones I have on sound card (motherboard)) are just crap, right?
I can't get surround sound in any way from that to my Sony av reciever?

Why do they say its 7.1 channel sound if its useless... Would I need some special computer speakers for it?

Apparently its some pc type od "surround" thats crap.

I'll get a good sound card. All I need is a token of advice:

Is it beter to have digital optical or digital coaxial output? Is it the same? My reciever supports both.
Should I get an external sound card, because I don't want to void my warranty on PC (the case is sealed so i cant upgrade)?
Can you reccomand a budget (not lowest end and not high end) sound card that would do the job (support DTS, Dolby Digital and digital out)?


You can use three 3.5mm to stereo RCA to your AV ampliifer, if it has a 5.1 input. Built-in soundcards are usually rubbish though. There are external soundcard available, but they're considerbly more expensive than a internal PCI model. Coaxial has some technical advantages (lower jitter, cheaper cable) but so does optical (no ground loops, ability to use longer runs)

You need to open your case, check it has a free PCI slot.

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