I need help tweaking the 9607



was wondering can any 9607 owners help me with the settings!!

what are the best settings ??? i ve played around with them, but am not sure !!! eperts advice would help
thanks !!!!

the saint


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These are the settings I use on my 9617 (calibrated with Ultimate DVD and THX set-up) Remember, brightness and contrast settings will vary from tube to tube (and as per personal preference) and nothing beats calibration with a set-up disc.

Contrast 50%
Brightnes 33%
Colour 55%
Sharpness One notch above nothing
Colour Enhancement On
Tint Normal
Dynamic Contrast Off
Picture Mode Pixel+

Hope this at least gives you some pointers. :)


Thanks rct gona try that when i get home ! but one question you mentioned a set up disc , how do i get a hold of one????

the saint

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