@@ I Need Help On Projector !! Asap Help ;)



Hello, I am Newbie when it comes to projector....

I have about 11 feet of throwing distance, and have a HUGE screen. I bought everything esle except projector.

I need to know which projector will give the BEST throwing distnace. I need to have DVI(HDMI) and Composition connection in projector. Thanks

I need to order my projector ASAP, so please help this poor guy out! ;)

Thank you.

PS: My price range is around $1k~2k USD.



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Hi John,

This is a U.K. site so were going to struggle to say the best value for you @ the $ rate. :) try this site, it may give you better info for your needs.
Projector calc site.


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We may be able to recommend a projector that will fit your screen from that distance though. What exact size is the width of the screen?


Well going by the limited amount of infomation, i would say a Panasonic AE900 is a good choice to have, they can handle closer distances to the screen better then quite a few projectors, and it has great PQ to boot.

I use mine with a HD-DVD and it looks out of this world :smashin:.

It should be in your price range, and offers the ports you requested (HDMI + Component)
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