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i need help on a renault megane scenic

gary cunningham

Standard Member
hi i need help on a renault megane scenic the engine is not firing properly its only running on 3 i have changed the leads and plugs but i also noticed that there a two coil packs at the top of the engine.i know that the conections have a black conection and one has a white conection and i have 2 black conections could any1 tell me if this is the problem before i splash out on a coil pack as this is the only problem i can think of?


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Do you know which cylinder is not firing?

if so remove the coil pack that serves that cylinder and see if it sounds any different and it could indicate the culprit.



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Welcome to av...:smashin:

try here

more than likely someones had the same type problem as your having..


Welcome to av...:smashin:

try here

more than likely someones had the same type problem as your having..

I sure have, no need to go traipsing off to where you don't anyone :)

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The Scenics (and all Meganes) have an individual ignition coil for each spark plug, on top of the plug, fed in pairs from the two packs on top of the engine. It is unlikely to be the packs on top of the engine, but the individual coils themselves. Megane's are notorious for getting through these and any breakdown van normally carries a crate of them in the back. As they are fed in pairs, when one fails the load is increased on the other and will most likely fail very shortly if it is not breaking up already, so it is best to replace them in pairs. We had one pair fail under warranty and the second pair shortly after the warranty ran out. If I remember correctly Renault coils are around £38 each, but we got non-Renault ones from a Motor Factor for about £18, and they have been working fine for 3 years. As suggested, pull the leads off individually and when you find the one that makes the least difference when you unplug it that's the dud. Try the other one of the pair and you may well find it makes less difference to the engine note than unplugging one from the other pair, meaning it is running sub-optimally as well.



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