I need help for my dad!


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My dad recently suffered two strokes and I have got him a place in a home, my problem is that even though he gets fed and looked after, there doesn't seem to be much more going on and I'm worried that he'll lose his mind sitting staring at the wall all day.

I try to help as much as I can, but I can't bring him home for the weekend because he and my mother split up (i still live with her). Being a student I'm pretty skint and my dad smokes which I have to pay for and take him out and buy him food.

Are there any organisations that can help finiancally or physically help take him out, I just get so worried that he's not getting enough of everything!



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Really sorry to hear about you dad.
My mother is no where nearly as ill as your father, she gets enough money to live off with disability benefit, she was also been offered someone to help around the house by social services (helping around the house).
I think you can get extra money towards someone to look after him (carers allowance, I think).
You need to see social services, to see what they say.

I should say, I'm not an expert about this subject, but I'm just going off what my mums situation is.

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Have a word with your local CAB or Law Centre as to what Benefits you dad can get. He may be entitled to Disability LIving Allowance and Incapacity Benefit/Income Support if under 60 years of age or Pension Credit and Disability Living Allowance if aged 60-65. It will help if you know what he is getting at present to live on.

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