Question I need help finding a song based off a music video.


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This has been bugging me for years and I still haven't found the song. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

From what I remember I think the song was probably 2005-2010 based off the haircuts and quality of the music video. The song was sung by a guy probably in his 20s with longish black hair. The music video was him chasing this girl he liked through different scenes and she shows obvious disinterest in him through most of the music video.

The only scene I can recall is where they end up on a pirate ship. He is singing while she is tied to the mast of the ship and they are surrounded by pirates. She has black longish hair a couple inches past her shoulders which I think was slightly curled. She rolls her eyes at the singer and pulls the ropes off of herself and they move onto the next scenario. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this question but it comes back to me every few months. I then spend a few weeks trying to find the song and inevitably forget about it only to then remember it again a few months later. Any help would be great thanks.
Hey, this is my first time using a forum, I am looking a for a song based in a warehouse of bathroom cubicles with people dancing and doing all types of weird stuff. Like gangsters, Elvis Presley and other random stuff. I really like the song and would greatly appreciate some help finding this awesome and weird video, thank you for your help.


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I saw this video on YouTube last night, through the ads they force you to watch, and I have no idea who the artist is. It starts off with a girl going into a morgue, with a boom box and placing it down on a surgical table by a corpse. I believe she turns on the music and the corpse of the guy on the table, with a visible incision on his chest, starts to twitch and move and apparently the music has brought him back to life. The video is well done with proper effects and such. She then gets him clothes, takes him out of the morgue for a date, I guess. He's dancing the whole way and awkward as hell with social cues but it doenst seem to bother her. She takes him to a diner, he is smashing into tables and what not, the jumps up and starts to dance on a table. They leave the diner only to have him walk in front of a bus and his hand becomes dismembered. Ppl get out of the bus, and become shocked when his hand continues to move at the sound of the music. At the end of the video he and her sit on a bench as he disintegrates, leaving her sitting there as the sun comes up. Any help with the name of the song would be most appreciated.


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I’m trying to find a song! It starts off as an airport setting and it’s a band featuring a girl artist. The song I think is about the guy traveling the world but leaving her behind and so she sings either from her house or a hotel. I can’t remember. This song is definitely somewhere between 2000-2010. Please help! I think one of the lyrics was something along the lines of “you’re waking up while I’m falling asleep” kind of thing.

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