I need expert advice ....but very fast


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I am making up my home cinema kit. I have no experience whatsoever and I do not live in the UK, so the prices I quote here are more expensive that in your country. Since the advice I seek concerns the full kit I would prefer one post if you don't mind. A shop is offering good discount as from tomorrow so I need your expert advice quick so as not to loose out on any good deal.

32" widescreen (Bgt : 1000 Stg)
I had asked advice between
SONY 32FQ70E and TOSH 32ZP36P
Based on your replies I was going for the Tosh (950 Stg) but with the discount this shop has I can get the Sony for 200 Stg cheaper so I am probably going for the Sony (750 Stg)

Amplifier (Bgt : 300 Stg)
I have narrowed my choice between
Yammy RXV440 (300 Stg) and Pioneer D712 (270 Stg).
Since I have a Pioneer A565 I shall probably be going for the Pioneer to keep the same brand.

From what I read in these forums I was thinking of getting the smaller KEF egg package KHT1005 (500 Stg) but this shop is advertising the following discounted speakers :

KEF 70s 81stg
KEF 80c 71stg
KEF Model 90 87stg
KEF Coda 9 87stg
KEF K-120 83stg
KEF K-140 104stg
KEF K-160 156stg
KEF Q10 90stg
KEF Q30 131stg
KEF Q50 200stg
KEF Q70 329stg

I was thinking of a pair of 70s as rears, a pair of floorstanding Q30's and a Kef 80c instead of the eggs. Total cost 494 Stg.
Is this speaker set better than the eggs ? Is it ok with the Pioneer amp (8 ohm) ?

Thanks to all


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ok i'll try and help where I can.....

I've never heard the pioneer but it's a highly regarded amp on this forum. The yammy is also a very good amp I believe it has top reviews and would probably be very musical as well. Yammy appear to be hard to beat at budget prices. Also don't go for the pioneer just cos it goes with your DVD because it really doesn't make any difference unless looks are more of a concern....

Also never heard the kefs as well but believe the kefs Q\C you mention would be much better then the kef 1005. (the 1005 are just good interms of sat set-up). If you go down the kef Q or C range then you'll probably need to purchase a seperate sub.

Best advice is to demo the kit and then decide for yourself.... The shop may have a good discount on for tomorrow but I wouldn't rush into anything with out being a 100% sure as you'll end up with kit your not pleased with. Which normally turns out more expensive in the long run.......


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thanks depsi for your inputs ...unfortunately the shop offering the discount does not have the eggs so I cannot audition them with the kef Q or C range. Has anyone else got any inputs ?


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yes i agree you'll need to get a separate subwoofer even with the q30s as fronts. I'd also pay extra for a VSDX812 Pioneer amplifier as its 7.1


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If I need to add an extra 200-300 quid for a sub .... would I be better off with the 2005.2 KHT eggs instead ?


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all depends what your after....

if your an audiopholic then you probably won't be happy with the kef eggs. Though an excellent sub-sat system they won't even compare to full size speakers.

if space\style is an issue and want decent sound then go for the kef eggs.

if quality is your priority then go for the Q\C series.

if you see 7.1 viable some time soon for yourself then upgrade the amp. if you don't think you'll ever go the 7.1 route then I wouldn't bother.


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@depsi ..space is not really a problem. I have a 15ft x 12.5 ft room.

Ok then, I shall check out the Q/K series.

How do these compare to Mission 3 series ? Are they a step up or on par ?


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can't really comment on the mission 3 series because i've never heard them or know much about them. try a search on the forum...

personally I'd be more inclined to go for the kefs

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