I need advice on buying a new camcorder


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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a new camcorder which isn't more expensive than 400 euros (around 468 dollars), such as Panasonic HC-V777, Sony HDR CX-450, Canon Vixia HF W11, etc.

I'm a classical pianist and I only need the camcorder for shooting indoor videos of me playing the piano. But most of the camcorder video-tests on YouTube are filmed outdoor, with great sunlight, so they are not of much use in this case. I will of course set the best light I can for making the videos.

I don't need to move the camcorder while filming, I'll just leave it on a tripod pointing sideways at me and the piano keyboard, like this:

Some of my videos are going to be quite long (up to 50 minutes in just one take). That's why I decided to go for a camcorder instead of a camera. I also don't do live streams.

Sound quality is not an issue, I could as well turn the mics off, since I use my recording equipment. So it's just about the video quality.

I did some research, but as a complete beginner I get confused and don't know how to make a good choice.

Now the question: can someone point out some important pros and cons I should consider, or even recommend a particular camcorder or brand?



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If all you are going to do is record yourself in a room playing the piano or speaking to an audience as seen here, then all you really need as basic equipment is a decent external webcam and a laptop (don't use the webcam that comes with a laptop as that's usually poor quality). It's a lot cheaper than using a camcorder. A tripod would be useful too, although you can easily clip the webcam to the top of your monitor instead, and rotate it until you have the desired image on screen.

You'll also need some software like OBS Studio to record, which has a lot of extra video features other than basic recording. You simply record to your hard drive (or USB drive) from your screen.
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I am not clear what you intend to do with the final video.
Most modern camcorders perform well in low light. My experience is with Panasonic which perform well in most light conditions so I would suggest the HC-V800 HD recorder. It has the advantage of being powered through a 5v USB supply as well as the on-board battery so the camera will run happily using its own mains power supply or a power bank (as used for recharging phones etc.)

My own setup includes a Tascam DR-60D MkII audio recorder. This has a number of useful features. An offtake to supply the audio directly into the camcorder's mic input. Phantom power for condenser mics (I use a pair of Behringer C-2 mics) Four inputs, two for the mics and a stereo line input. Facilities for Mid Side recordings and a lot more. The connection to the camera gives me a sync track to align the quality recording with the video in post production.


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If this video is the reference for us, them a levier mic will help to hear you better. Ring light is cheep and will enhance your set.
I like the Panasonic's.

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