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I need advice for a new printer


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My Canon Pixma MP610 has just died, it won't turn on, so it's going to have to go in the bin. So disappointed as I've only had it about 6 years and I liked this printer and always thought that Canon was a reliable make.

So I need some advice on buying a new printer. As much as I do like Canon I'm reluctant to go for a Canon after this as I want something that's going to last, but I'm also not keen on Epson as past experience they were problematic. I'm looking for recommendations around the £100 mark. I want an all in one with a scanner, I want it to be able to print CD's/DVD's, and as my MP610 was 9600x2400 dpi I don't want lower than that. I also want a printer for which I can get compatible cartridges (I am not paying more than the printer is worth just for a set of inks).

I have read somewhere in the past that lazer is better than inkjet and I've just had a quick look and see that these can be got for around £100 now, but there doesn't seem to be any info on the dpi or whether they do CD's or not.


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This topic is a minefield, I have been looking for what seems like ages for a decent printer, always been an Epson man and to look at their reviews some look quite decent. I then go and have a look at what I think is a good buy, only to be dissapointed at the build quality, they just seem quite flimsy. I have read countless reviews and with all there are pros and cons. I am still using my old printer at the moment as I have some ink cartridges left to use. When I have used up my inks then I will just pick one of several on my list and take a chance, I just think that whilst you can research printers, come the end of the day you just have to go with your instinct. :(


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I don't have an exhaustive knowledge of the subject, but Laser printers never used to do printable discs because they use more heat which would cause problems with a disc. Although these days you're going to struggle to find Inkjets that print discs if you don't want Cannon or Epson, I believe Brother may still do a couple but HP seem to have discontinued it entirely.

Lasers are good for printing high volumes cheaply and text quality, but they're not as good at photo quality as Inkjets, and cheap lasers sometimes compromise on running costs.

FWIW I was looking at the MP610 myself last time we were after a printer and If it was in regular use then I think six years is reasonable. It was cutting edge (one of the few wi-fi models at the time), had lots of features and relatively cheap for both all in one and inks. I guess you've checked the basics to make sure it's not the power brick or fuse that's gone?


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Thanks for the replies. Yes I did check the fuse and tried another power cord but no joy, from a quick search and seeing it is a common complaint it appears to be the power supply where the power cord connects to the printer but unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to buy a replacement part. 6 years may sound reasonable to some but it was lightly used. It seems that nothing is built to last anymore, I have stuff in storage in the garage such as a walkman, a ghetto blaster, a Spectrum 48 and a Commodore computer, an atari, that all still work perfectly despite being 30 years old, I still play my records on a record player that must be 40 years old, but the amount of gadgets and appliances now that last a year or two or perhaps a few years is just insane. I expect an item to last a reasonable time and 6 years of light use is certainly not reasonable IMO.

Interesting info about laser printers, I'm ruling out that option. I definitely want to be able to print discs, not that I print them that often but it's just a preference that I like to print them rather than write on them, so if that restricts me to Canon or Epson then maybe I'm going to have to give Canon another chance (deffo not going back to Epson, they drove me mad in the past with heads always getting blocked). I agree that there seems to be pros and cons with every available model but I would like to know though that if the printer doesn't last a lifetime that at the very least it's going to be easily fixed so any info on a model with easily removed and easily available parts would be much appreciated.


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I opted to give Canon another chance and bought the Pixma MG6450. What a massive mistake and a waste of a hundred quid. Never ever again will I ever buy another Canon. I had searched beforehand just to make sure it printed discs and the top search result was a Pcpro review which said that the MG6450 printed discs, but on opening and setting up the printer I found there was no disc tray so contacted Canon support only to be told that the MG6450 does NOT print discs. WTF? Why sell a printer that is completely useless? It's like selling a tv that doesn't have hdmi or scart sockets to connect any other devices, or it's like selling a car without any steering so it'll drive but won't go round bends, just totally stupid and useless. I was unable to return the printer so took great pleasure in taking it onto the beach and blowing it up by packing it with some powerful fireworks. Just letting anyone who may be considering buying a Canon printer know so as you don't waste your money, avoid Canon at all costs.

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