I need a simple answer please! x


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Yes, i might sound like a n00b, but i've been googling and reading articles and googling some more, then a bit more, trying to find some sort of answer

And the numbers and files are all getting to my head and I'm about to give up!

So basically..
I wanted to know if i can possible unlock/jailbreak this iphone. Here are the details.

I use Windows.

Iphone 3G (8GB)
Locked on O2
current software 4.1 (8B117) - although i might upgrade to 4.2 or whatever the latest one is, if nothing is sorted.
Model: MB489B
Modem firmware 05.14.02 ( i think this could be the problem)

I want to be able to use my Three (3) sim-only contract SIM in this phone.

but.. Is it possible? I was trying to avoid asking someone else, but I really have struggled to find anything on this exact set of details! :thumbsdow:blush:

hope you can help!
Love Rebecca xx
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ahhh damn! :(
thought you could downgrade possibly.
Not much point jailbreaking if I cant use my SIM anyway is there lol?
My jailbroken iphone's screen broke so i restored it and sent it to Apple and they sent me a new one back, 4.1 :(


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why not unlock like localboy said £15 & that way it's unlocked forever,got to be better than going to a blackberry :laugh:

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