I need a receiver for my speakers


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hello all

I have a bluray drive in my computer and I had a creative z550w subwoofer plugged my wharfedale valdus into it but the creative sub has a hardware fault.

Which eventually leads to self shuting off because the thing inside that prevents it from setting on fire is faulty.

Im on my 2nd model and now is pround to the same problem.

So im after a reciever i can get audio from the same way i got from the creative speaker system.

If i get a reciever and plug it into my pc where the speaker function is i wont have this problem again.

possibly plug a spdif cord into the front and get audio from the soundcard

Just need some advice thanks all.
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Most AV receivers will not have a multichannel input so you will need to use the optical output from the amp but this will not get you HD audio from blurays. If you want HD audio you will need a soundcard with a HDMI output that does audio over HDMI.
What budget do you have?


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thanks for replying

I been watching bluray in normal digital not hd audio it still plays.

So I would need a hdmi soundcard yes and a amp of course

I'm just a average person of wealth no by far rich just after a amp that of a moderate price like few 100 pound.

I'm not bothered it its not 2012 model just something that does the job with dolby hd and dts hd there a shop in uk where they sell cheap discounted and discontiued recievers.

If you can give me a few models you may know of that would be great.


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Richersounds or Superfi are good places to look for cheapish receivers although there are many other online places too. Something like the Sony 520/820 or Yamaha 373/473 or Denon 1612 would all be good options but are last years models so may be hard to find. But there will be the equivalent current models around for around your budget so plenty of choice.

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